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Bingo History - Find Out Where Bingo Started

  • Bingo jackpots have stabled and kept their footing amidst centuries of other games and pastimes. The game has found its ageless appeal in a competitive human nature and it hangs on to it with cockney slang and high spirits.
  • In Italy, the foot of Europe, in the 1600’s, the dawn of bingo games was starting to shine in the form of a lottery; Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Rich Frenchmen soon took an interest in the mini-phenomenon, and France formed Le Lotto.
  • Online Bingo enthusiasts may not have considered this, but in the 1800’s Germany made use of the modern form of the game as an educational tool for their youths, to teach them mathematics.
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  • In the fifteen to sixteen hundreds the new leisure activity was popping up in different areas of Europe. People loved to play bingo, or should I say ‘beano’, as it was then called. It was so called because people used to place a bean on top of their numbers, as opposed to marking them off with a dauber, or mouse click, as we do now.
  • Internet bingo may not have had the financial backing that it has, if it wasn’t for a travelling salesman noticing the hurrah that surrounded the game in Germany in the 30’s, & then having taken it back to the United States. He tried the game out with his close friends when, as the legend states, a woman got so excited by her success that she shouted out ‘Bingo’, instead of ‘Beano’ by accident, & it stuck.
  • All the modern rules of UK bingo as you know it were straightened out by a mathematician in the States who, when more than one person was winning every game, came up with 6,000 card possibilities!
  • The bingo cash that was made from games, spearheaded by an opportunistic church, was put to good use as sustenance for the struggling organisation.
  • If you’ve ever wondered why it is that bingo slots, jackpots, the traditional game, & all its other derivatives all go by the single brand name of ‘bingo’; its because the creation of the game was never attributed to a single person, & so it couldn’t be patented.

Bingo Cards - Given Out at the Movies

  • Nineteen-thirty’s movie theatres used to dole out free bingo cards at their doors, so that people could win big at the flicks.
  • The nineteen-eighties was a big decade for function halls across the UK, as the licensing laws were passed allowing bingo prizes & congregating to commence nationally.
  • Bingo made its transition from the halls to the web during the last decade, & it hasn’t looked back.
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